Static Websites


Static Websites:

Static websites contain webpages with fixed content that is why they display in the same way as stored to the user’s browser. A professional web design company always styles the website in such a proper and appropriate manner that it helps in business conversation effectively. It helps the customers to  reach out to you in a professional manner and hence lead your website and business rules all. At Jarries, we aim at providing best static websites with all your specifications in mind. Our team is ever ready to assist you in this regard.


Clean simple website:

  •  Lesser load time: As you are just hosting and serving static files, when a user visits your page, all the web server has to do is return a file. No extra time will be required to deliver HTML pages. So, static website require lesser load time.
    Lower costs:
  • No database means fewer moving content and less maintenance required. Static websites can be hosted relatively cheap and thus, it is more cost-effective than any other type of website.
    Easy to scale:
  • Host your website on a Cloud provider with auto scaling and you are good to go. Use a Content Delivery Network to geographically cache your static files and the calls to your web server will be drastically reduced. No complex database scaling is required.
  •  More security: Since there is no back-end server-side processing, there is less surface area for attacks and there is no database available to be compromised.
  •  Faster speed: As there is no complex database required in static websites, these are fastest with no server side code requirement.