Pharmaceutical Industry

Having GLUON ERP solution for your pharmaceutical manufacturing business can help you keep track of raw materials, inventory, packaging, regulations, etc.

GLUON ERP software enables the pharmaceutical firm to integrate manufacturing process in multiples units and provides strong consolidation in business..

To maintain all the processes and the data from one system, Pharmaceutical companies require a robust and scalable ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry. ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry is a flexible and the most powerful business management process offered by GLUON ERP.


  • Quality Control
  • Production Transparency & Traceability
  • Inventory Management & Control
  • Recipe Management
  • Tracking & Control
  • Security
  • Advanced Demand Planning & Forecasting
  • Lab Testing
  • Batch wise production
  • Batch wise costing
  • Batch compounding
  • Material Waste Management
  • Supplier overview

ERP: Making processes easier for Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Managing and tracking ingredients and products.
  • Ensuring quality control requirements are met at all times.
  • Managing and meeting compliance regulations.
  • Insight into stock levels to ensure order fulfillment and on-time delivery.
  • The ability to manage production planning through the manufacturing process and sales.
  • Financial management across the organization.

Benefits of Gluon ERP for Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Helps to achieve higher generation by streamlining all the processes.
  • Easily handle bookkeeping for all sort of sales & purchases & vendor bills.
  • Manages the stock control & too gets the precise operational performance.
  • Saves Time and Operational costs.
  • Monitors manufactured merchandise distribution.
  • Better Client Support.
  • Extensive reporting.
  • Clear perceivability on cost management all through the industry.

ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Company

Managing a large industry, as a highly regulated pharmaceutical company is quite difficult. According to the complexity, such a large industry cannot run smoothly only with the help of employees. It is not effective to handle all its processes and parameters, manually. However, modern technology has made it very easy to run your business with a single software. Like other industries, the pharmaceutical company has also replaced its conventional system with a modern one. Now, we have introduced ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Company that can make our business stronger by turning raw information into a valuable one.

What is an ERP Software?

Are you curious about ERP Software and its working? Well, let us explain this modern system and its features.
ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a modern technology-based system, suitable for every type of business. The main purpose to use this software is to automate your business with little effort and time. ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Company predicts all the target points, departments, and processes to make an effective financial report.

How an ERP Software for a Pharmaceutical Company helps you?

Being an owner of a Pharma company, are you struggling with managing your business? If yes, do not worry, you are here at the right place.
Gluon ERP Software is one of the most efficient systems for all fields, especially the pharmaceutical sector. The main principle behind this advanced software is to enhance your company’s productivity, streamline and optimize their processes by tracking and keeping a record of whole batches of the Pharma industry.
ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Company can help you out efficiently. It can better understand your business features, including batch production, quality assurance, inventory log control and management, tracking, security, waste material management, lab testing, sales, payrolls, an overview of suppliers, and accounting. All its efficiencies are just to satisfy the clients and grow their economy.
Having Gluon ERP Software is far better than hiring hundreds of employees for running your Pharma industry. This software can provide you complete overview and tracking of batches. Meanwhile, it can increase flexibility in your production process. It makes you free from making supply chains and collaborations of distribution. Being an advanced and modern software system, it can summarize your business by addressing all the challenges in your business.

Importance of ERP Software for Pharma Sector:

Being determined to provide your business strong consolidation and make its production processes more integrated, ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Company has become an important tool to process your business smoothly. Gluon ERP has introduced the most powerful, strong, and, flexible software that can process all your data from a single system, without any interference of employees.
The pharmaceutical sector is one of the most advanced and developed sectors all over the world, including Pakistan. These industries serve people by providing them basic health products and medicines. Moreover, exporting medicinal products and drugs is quite sensitive as it relates directly to the health of people.
Besides, this sector needs an efficient system to manage and control its processes, ranging from production on a batch basis, and packaging, to their export. It can reduce the chances of your failure. ERP Software can reduce the chances of your failure by enhancing your brand’s reputation. It has an efficient inventory log system, in which it keeps a record of all the products along with their production, export, and expiry details.
This is one of the most important tasks that this system performs. We believe that one wrong entry can claim the life of a person. That is why we recommend ERP Software just to reduce manual functions and errors.
The importance of this software system becomes double when it comes to quality assurance and control. ERP Software ensures perfect tracking of Pharma products and their regulation. You do not do anything except setting its perfect parameters. Moreover, it keeps the whole record confidential by using its extraordinary security system. To ensure the order supply, financial management, and on-time delivery, ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Company is the best solution.

Why Gluon ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Company?

If you are handling a large pharmaceutical industry alone, you should try this software system. Providing you an extensive report of production and finance, it can operate all the processes of your industry. Apart from this, Gluon ERP Software has many other important reasons that urge you to try it. Let us discuss them briefly.

  • Strict and fair supervision:

Sometimes employees act as the main hurdle in the development and ranking of the pharmaceutical industry. The easiest way to supervise their performance and keep their record is to apply an ERP Software system to your industry. This will ensure a proper management system that can track and check their performance while production, packaging, and sales. Moreover, it also monitors the distribution of manufactured merchandise by giving a smooth flow of interaction between workers and the clients.

  • Security:

If you are worried about the safety of data and protocols of your products, you need not worry because Gluon ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Company is a complete and secure package for you. We can understand that an efficient security system is very important for these industries. By eliminating human errors and performing effective operations, it can better secure your whole data, ranging from sales lists to vendor bills.
If you making up your mind to implement this advanced software system for your pharmaceutical company, you can contact us. We assure you that Gluon Cloud ERP will provide you 100% workable software along with complete guidance to boost your business.

  • Precise features of tracking and recording:

For checking the daily routine of work and chemicals for batch production, ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Company is the best system. It can better check the stock purchased, used, and sold. Thus, this system saves your precious time as well as amount by giving an accurate operational performance. Moreover, you can review this record on the dashboard, later on.

  • Efficient inventory management:

Pharmaceutical industries always need an efficient inventory management system. Moreover, Gluon ERP Software is here to help you out. With the help of this system, everything will be clear to you, either it is about the shortage of products or their expiry dates. It acts as an alarm for you.