Have you ever thought about this life in pandemic? Or the vitality of using face mask for survival on this
Earth? Or the importance of social distancing as life-savers?
Of course not!
We are humans and we cannot survive in isolation. No doubt, social distancing is mandatory but, we are
connected virtually. We are staying online for long hours, avoiding social gathering and surfing more like
never before. These all are shaped due to covid’19. Many businesses evolve and bankruptfrequently
but, this Covid situation hassubstituted physical locations into virtual existence. Now, many business
run online and people are working in the comfort of their homes. No business can rise without digital
marketing. This cannot be wrong if I say that the demand of digital marketing have been increased
manifold due to Covid’19.
Digital marketing is an integration of latest technology with smart marketing techniques to spread
awareness about the brand. Digital agencies are meant to serve this purpose of online marketing. Be it a
new product, offer or sale, without utilizing appropriate marketing tactics, you can never prosper.
Gone were the days when messages were conveyed in days. This isthe era of quick actions. The faster is
always the better. With this blessing called digital media, you can share your brand across the globe in
no time. Covid’19 have altered our life and digital marketing became more significant factor for brand

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