Database Management and Migration

24✖7 Remote Database Management Services

Get the real-world solutions and consultation from professional DBAs on all of your database wants by our remote DBA service. JARRIES provides complete database administration service like database integration, maintenance, migration, monitoring, optimization, upgrade or performance tuning of your database setting. Being one among the most trusted Database Management Services providers, we provide best-in-class services to a number of leading firms, across industries. Our team of consultants possesses in-depth understanding of databases, and helps you implement best-suited solutions post an intensive analysis of your structure needs and business goals.

Our 24/7 support and dedicated teams will assist you plan, implement, and manage your databases, on premise or the cloud one. Our Team proactively monitors 24/7 and alerts you for your critical production databases that includes detecting potential alerts before they become critical and cause downtime. Our 24×7 DBA support with SLA-Driven Delivery which provides your databases high availability and Guaranteed Up time, show-stopper performance glitches and the peace of mind that your critical business data is in safe hands.

Our team has extensive knowledge on MySQL, SQL server database, Oracle, MongoDB. In our SQL Server Database Services, we regulate Microsoft Server and SQL Server environs by utilizing our vast experience and industry best practices to ensure that your systems are efficiently managed and constantly operating at utmost performance.

Our Support Services

  • • Database Administration Activities
  • Server Tuning , Patches, Backup , Restore, User Creation , Permission , Jobs Setup , Monitoring Resources and take corrective Action – CPU, RAM, Hard Disk space, IOPS , Share data to Application Team Long Running Queries, Top Resource Intensive Queries.

  • • Performance Tuning
  • Defragmentation Check, Rebuild /reorganize index , Compression , update statistics etc

  • • Heath Check
  • Database Corruption Check

  • • Database Uptime
  • Log Shipping , Mirroring , active – Active & active – Passive Cluster

  • • SLA Based Support
  • SLA Based Support with Monthly Review Report and Call with team /Account Manager

    Strategy & Research

    The analysts at the organization have more than 20 years of experience doing business analyses of a variety of human activities. As a result, we can quickly interpret any requirements our clients provide, determine the best development strategy.

    24X7 Support

    Providing 24x7 support with dedicated team for your queries through live chat, email support, phone support, and a knowledge base with articles and resources, We'll let you know if there's a situation you should be aware of. Proceed to quickly resolve it after that.

    Web Development

    Web design, which spans a wide range of disciplines, is generally the construction and optimization of your website through the development of visual and functional elements that are consistent with your brand and provide the best user experience.

    Web Solution

    Our team of highly skilled software engineers creates bespoke business applications that are secure, scalable, and creative, we are a preferred development partner of well-known international organizations.

    SEO & Marketing

    At Jarries, we have the technical expertise to perform organic SEO technical audits, laying the foundations to ensure there aren’t any technical roadblocks that could affect your website performance.

    Growth Tracking

    We have gained exceptional efficiency in managing the development process over the years in software development industry , we can quickly interpret any requirements our clients provide, determine the best strategy.